The Bird, The Journey & MUMSNET

I am drowning, not literally but work is on overload and there is no rest bite at home, being a parent is a battle, you don’t always win, but the cuddles, laughter and love certainly outweigh everything else.

Last week we ventured on our annual expedition to Loissiemouth to visit the Gardner’s, who to be honest shouldn’t be so selfish and live so far away. This involves loading the wives car to the roof whilst unpacking then repacking the car because she knows best I should have already known that and then losing our minds on a 9 hour car journey.

The tipping point on our outbound journey was on the A9, when a Sunday driver pulled out in front and forced us to test the ABS on mummies car I wouldn’t have minded but today was Friday.

This then ensued with daddy using the optional extra LED Headlights and two tone hone to maximum effect whilst gesturing to the driver that maybe a coffee break with some fresh beans may help.

We were all losing our S**t, with mummy in the back entertaining the twins and with Teddy as my co-pilot the opportunity arose to overtake, it was at this point and 6.5 hours in I think we hit rock bottom.

Offering Teddy a one-time offer to flick the bird, he was excited but confused, not really knowing what the bird involved but was told that this was a once time offer and never to be repeated, just follow daddy.

As we approached the Sunday driver, pulling alongside with 5 year old Teddy looking confused as f**k as he offered the bird, the look on the middle aged man being greeted by a confused 5 year old with the finger is something that still makes me laugh out loud to today, I know it wasn’t mature and probably isn’t in the MUMSNET of good parenting, but this is how we roll.