Bath Time Fun……

Bath time, I am yet to meet a parent who is over joyed with this experience, probably the pinnacle is that you are closer to bed time which is one large gulp closer to wine time.

You would think with the love of Peppa Pig that splashing around in water would be fun, but no, not when it comes to bath time.

As a parent to three, we have 3 different experiences, Twin #1 will lock her body and attach herself to anything with any force to stop being taken to the bathroom. Twin #2 will however enjoy the experience like it’s a daily Spa Day, sitting back and loving being pampered. Our soon to be 5 year old will simply loose his s**t because one of his twin sisters is sat where he wanted to sit.

Each and every time I leave the bathroom I am literally covered from head to f*****g toe in talc powder, living the dream as a rich drug baron or a bald and slightly overweight looking Casper.

On the positive, it has been several months since a hard exit has been required due to Twin#1 taking a s**t, watching you four year old loose it trying to escape a floater is something that will always stay with me as a parent forever, the panic, the disgust and then the tears.