Our World…..

What have I done, the burden of responsibility from being a parent, in today’s world which let’s be honest is a little fucked up. The lottery of making it through the day without some shit deciding that today is a good day to kill innocent human beings.

However, we will not and we cannot let this impact or effect our normal daily routines, but it will, a niggle of doubt in your mind the ‘what ifs’ but we can’t live like this we must push on and continue.

Yet again, this is easier said than done, the shock, disbelief and then the emotional roller-coaster that took place on Monday evening and still continues today.

I cannot remember the last time that I cried watching the news, being a parent changes the perspectives and the values that you have on life.

The decisions that we take daily to keep our loved ones safe will always play heavy on our minds, think back to when you were a teenager or a young adult, did your parents stay awake till they knew you had returned home safely.

All those years ago and you thought they were being ridiculous but if you are a parent today I am sure that you can sympathise and will probably replicate this through your child’s young adult years.

Life isn’t supposed to be easy, but nor should it be this fucking difficult and upsetting.

Stay safe, keep close and remember to love not hate.