We had a Family Moment……..

As a parent we all have those special moments when everything finally clicks into place, sitting back enjoying a cold beer, surrounded by blue skies and a warm sun watching all 3 children play together. Living the dream.

Four seconds later Dolly the Newfoundland has fucked off with Twin #2’s lion, Twin #1 is now chasing said dog with vengeance and Teddy is now pissed off as no one is playing with him. FFS.

Sleep deprivation is a killer, no it seriously is, after another 0530 wakeup call my body is aching and I am realising at 39 I really am too old for this shit.

The wife however is full of beans, it’s the new exercise routine she tells me, problem is come 7pm the last thing I want to be doing is getting changed into a pair of shorts and having a non-sexual workout.

Living of Red Bull and Chocolate, I think all parents must go through this, but is it really just a stage, no one ever warns you of the dangers of being a parent.

Sleep is a luxury, having any money is an even greater luxury. The continued smell of baby wipes and the game of nappy roulette praying that you are only changing a wet one and not those horrible nasty exploding shits.

It must get easier and it does, life is short and cherish the moments that you have with each other, my advice, invest in a good mattress , because when you do finally get to sleep. You want it to be the mother fucker of all sleeps!