Morning Routine….wake and be great?

Apparently successful people maintain a morning ritual, I would arrogantly put myself into part of that sentence.

Successful in life, great job with an amazing family and a beautiful wife, but let’s delve into my morning ritual.

Dog barks, not once but continues to bark till she has been let out for a wee, fuck knows how it is even possible to piss anymore as the kitchen utility is literally swimming in it, mental note why am I still wearing flip flops.

I then proceed to make Dolly the Newfoundland her baby milk, yes that is right 10 scoops to make 10 fluid ounces.

This is then followed by a quick dash to get dressed for work, often rescuing the wife during the morning nappy change for the twins before running to the car and leaving for work before its even 0630.

It’s not a routine it just happens, unlike Rupert Murdoch who each morning spends five minutes meditating. If I had 5 minutes to wipe my own arse in the morning I would be happy.

Steve Jobs famously asked himself every day for 33 years, “if today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today” I am pretty sure what my answer would be each morning.

Exercise is repeatedly a common routine, and here I am mid May and still haven’t made that concerted effort, probably because when I wake up with the potential that this could be my very last day, an hour in the gym doesn’t really tickle my fancy.

Thanks Steve!