Trains, Tinder and Insta

I bottled it, maybe a 2 seater is a step too far, and this would then place the affair back on the table to help deal with my mid-life crisis but after seeing my wife flatten a chicken breast last week with a rolling pin I think I need to seriously re-consider my Tinder account.

I have noticed that the older I get the more nonsense comments I am making, it must be an age thing but at least once a week I make reference to the time of the year. ‘I can’t believe its May already – where has the year gone’

Well, it hasn’t gone any quicker or slower than it did last year dick head, yet I find myself drifting off into a coma contemplating all of the things I haven’t achieved this year.

Is it because we are older we now appreciate time more importantly and finally accept that this isn’t a dress rehearsal, because sitting here in blue cords, a checked shirt and a soft merino woollen jumper all from M&S I certainly wouldn’t have thought that aged 39 I would have chosen M&S as my go to wardrobe.

Tomorrow I am taking a train to Glasgow – why? Good question but it’s easier than driving and with twins and a toddler and a reserved seat in First Class I see this as an opportunity to sleep. Just hope I avoid those train wankers who want to speak to you for the entire journey, I am hoping my headphones and a face that says fuck off without moving my lips will help me.

I plan to upload several pictures tomorrow of said journey on my Instagram account, don’t forget to follow @Injaamblog.