Sports Car or an Affair……

I would consider myself very lucky, in fact I could argue my wife is perfect, or am I being easily misled.

4 days ago my wife agreed that if I wanted I could have a 2 seater car, the options on offer were a Porsche Cayman or an F Type Jaguar, this has to be seen as a result, furthermore there was no mention of an expensive pair of shoes in exchange. Something that is still outstanding from 2012 when my A7 arrived home.

However, I am going fucking crazy, I must have built 6 dozen cars on the configurator and I am still yet to phone the dealerships because I am over excited about the options available.

I honestly think my wife is messing with me, enjoying watching me stress over every option and what is best for the budget.

Then we have Teddy who is asking why I am not getting and Aston Martin, its simple son look around you, you and your twin sisters are not at all cheap.

So with a family of 5 and an Au pair and let’s not forget Dolly the Newfoundland, why the fuck am I getting a 2 seater.

Simple, I am 40 this year and frankly I am losing my shit, affairs aren’t cheap and probably not that much fun so a sports car it is.

Life is short, too short so have as much fun as is possible (with your trousers on) unless you are with your wife, but if you are married and it’s not your birthday why would your trousers be off?

Confused – I am!