Food, Diet and Exercise…….

Munching my way through my 2nd bag of crisps and its not even 1030 its ironic that I am not losing any weight for summer, thus coupled with the fact I haven’t done any exercise should I really be shocked.

But how do I motivate myself into getting fit, the naked photo in front of the mirror, this is an option but knowing my luck I would mistakenly upload to either Twitter or my Instagram account.

Time, is this my issue, not really, it’s my attitude of not being arsed that is the problem, am I the only one who dreams of waking up and feeling good about my body, trying to get there with little effort, this process has served me well through life but with shifting the weight I need to make an effort.

At 13st and 11lbs I would consider myself to be, stocky, but my wife would say squidgy, my body fat content is 24.4%, I have no fucking idea if this is good or not, but then nearly a quarter of my body is considered to be fatty, surely that’s a good thing, it could be worse.

My challenge is to reduce my body fat, my target is to hit 21% body fat before the end of July, a quick calculation shows I could achieve this quicker, but having all of my limbs does offer greater benefits.

With Dolly the Newfoundland being allowed out in public next week should help with both early morning and evening walks, but I seriously need to get the heart racing and the fat dropping. My Fitbit shows that my resting heartrate is 62 BPM again I have no fucking clue if this is good or not.

So less about my winter body and more about this week’s life as a parent to 3,

This week we introduced pocket money to our soon to be 5 year old son Teddy, when it comes to giving away money I am not a fan, during the introduction we presented the list of jobs that need to be completed each day with a couple of behavioural improvements thrown in for good measure.

All were received with smiles except just one, no surprise this was to collect his own IPad from the table, the pain, and the groan and the sheer pushback was incredible. I have spent 5 days in London on a GAP Negotiation course, yet this week I was beaten by a 4 year old and as a consequence I still find myself delivering his IPad each and every fucking day.

Dolly our Newfoundland is growing in size each day, at just 10 weeks old she is already shitting like a Donkey so fuck knows what the wife will be doing when she is fully grown (Dolly not the Wife).

My biggest worry at present is deciding on a new car, I must change my mind daily and honestly I haven’t got a clue, do I go practical, selfish or stupidly quick or take one for team.

Those that know me that it will be neither practical and I take one for the team daily so this isn’t an option either.

This weeks agenda, get fit (no seriously) eat less (good luck) how is your week ahead looking?