Parenthood, nothing really prepares you, who would have thought that you could completely ruin a 4 year olds day through choosing the wrong coloured plastic plate that they should eat there breakfast from.

It’s fucking madness, but as parents we live by these rules and quite honestly shit ourselves with even the thought of changing or compromising on a routine.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog, not that I would ever compare any of our 3 children to dogs, but if I had too we would have the Bullmastiff, the Labrador and the Bulldog.

Only last week I made the fatal error of cutting toast the wrong way, the meltdown and the fall out was incredible, but the look from my wife was worse.

It’s becomes easier when they are able to talk, but then brings the abuse and demands, so maybe the pointing and constant shouting from the twins is better than words. Only time will tell.

One thing which is clear is just how intelligent they are, Twin #2 has a smile which melts my heart and she bloody knows it, whereas Twin #1 will just close her eyes point and shout at me when being told off.

Life is short and spending time with all 3 has been a priority since the beginning, turning down job offers to be with the family is something I never thought I would accept but this is now a reality of the lifestyle and choices we make as a family unit. That said some days a job in Dubai would have its benefits but the highs have always outweighed the lows.

So, this week the wife asked me to provide 4 days out of 7 that I am willing to commit to exercise, apparently this does not include sex so I can stop that thought immediately. 4 days is a huge commitment and I am not sure I am willing but given my summer body is in deep hibernation (has been since 1997) time is running out.

My commitment to 10,000 steps a day is a struggle whilst working, even more so when some days I am sat on my arse driving for between 3- 6 hours.

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