Puppy, Exercise and Diet

Dolly the Newfoundland has bene with us now for just over 4 days, I haven’t slept and I am considerably poorer than I was 5 days ago.

It has been roughly 3 years since we last owned a dog and the positives certainly outweigh the negatives but I had forgotten just how shit…………. it is, picking up dog shit.

These cheap scented black bags which allow you to feel everything you pick up, utter, utter disgusting and I am sure that sooner our latter I will end up fingering said bag and collect a nail full of dog shit.

On a more personal note I need to shift some weight, it has been reported that the rate in which we burn calories slows down much earlier than you may think. It actually begins aged 25, this is when the inevitable decline starts and can be as much as 2 – 4% each year.

Experts have noted that there are several ways in which we can boost our metabolism and below are just a few,

Eat Breakfast – I have this nailed, most mornings I will pass either a McDonalds or a Costa so I am not afraid of taking one for the team and enjoying a breakfast at either outlet.

Lift Weights – Preferably in the morning, why would this help, because every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories a day whereas fat only burns 2 calories? Early morning weight routine, sounds like fucking hard work.

Drink Plenty of Water – This is well known to boost your metabolism, drawback is you are forever needing to piss, so not really ideal.

Eat Enough Food – Seriously, I thought this was the fucking reason I was putting on weight, but skipping meals makes the body harvest fat which isn’t at all good, often we will then snack on chocolate or fast food for that quick fix.

So, what can I do, I could exercise, but often I get tired just searching for my gym socks, could work out barefooted, but with the risk of finding that missing Lego piece stuck under the arch of my foot, probably safer to wear trainers.

With a home gym, there should be no excuses but even being located just 100 foot from the lounge I still find excuses not to visit.


My issue is time, I can never find a moment when I can be arsed, but seriously I need to do something at this rate I will need to address my wardrobe with the next size up.

Three benefits to exercise

Feel Good – exercise (apparently) helps boost production of the ‘feel good’ chemicals in our brains such as endorphins and serotonin.

Distraction – Helps remove distractive anxious thoughts, sex, food, chocolate (not in that order)

Sleep – Helps improve our sleep, like its possible to be anymore knackered than I am at present

Hibernation is over, let the six pack see the gym…..or something like that