I Spy……..

I Spy, it wasn’t much fun as a child so as a 39 year old male enduring a 3 hour car journey to see a new puppy isn’t really something I will look back on and recall as a cherished memory.

My wife however may disagree, the letter of choice was C and the correct answer was Cone, travelling along the M62 to North Yorkshire the motorway was full of them. Even saw a poster asking for us to be careful as her father works on this roadworks, I say bollocks, because I never saw anyone’s dad working.

Our son however thought the word beginning with C may have been clock, this would have been simple, yet whilst still attending his private speech therapy lessons it sounded like what he was saying was cock. My wife and I looked shocked, so we asked for further confirmation, Cock was still the repeated word, further clarification was needed and he began pointing at me and saying it’s there.

My wife nodded and agreed that I am a cock.

Summer is approaching, the nights are becoming lighter and my overall mood improves with the thought of blue skies and evenings in the garden and weekends with a beer and the BBQ on the go.

This year will be extra special, with the twins growing up quickly and the forthcoming arrival of our Newfoundland Puppy which given the sheer size won’t stay small for long. 2017 is the year of just doing it, not over thinking decisions to strongly and just enjoying life. I have experienced too many examples recently where life has either been cut short or an illness restricts movement and opportunity.

However with an increasing waistline and my summer body still in deep, deep hibernation I really need to get back into shape, sat here eating my 3rd packet of Crips isn’t really motivating.

Time, I simply don’t have enough, there are 24 hours in a day, I lay in bed for at least 9 hours, then sit on the sofa watching shit on the TV during an evening, why….because that’s what we are all use too, but what could be if I utilised my time in a more effective manner.

Routine, it’s what we like but also what cripples us, my Fitbit is a wasted tool achieving between 3-4k Mon-Fri but then smashing 12k over a weekend daily. I need motivation.  I need more fucking time, that’s what I need, but life is passing me by.

Am I going mad or just having a midlife crisis, how long do I have left, fuck I don’t even have a bucket list, shit what do I want to achieve, if anything at all.

That said my biggest issue at the moment is trying to convince our son that Poo Face is not an appropriate name for a Newfoundland.


Wish Me Luck!