Life By Numbers

1,716 days in and I wonder what my son makes of his life, I doubt that he appreciates much and probably thinks that I will always be on hand to pass him his Ipad or be the one to blame when he falls over but what makes for a memory.

Apparently the hippocampus and other parts of your brain work together to rebuild that memory. To remember something your brain goes through the following process; first your brain consciously registers the memory, this is called encoding. The best way to improve your memory is to keep remembering the same thing over and over.

The definition of a memory is how the information is encoded, stored and retrieved. Encoding allows information from the outside world to be sensed in the form of chemical and physical stimuli.

14,372 days and I have a whole back catalogue of memories some which bring a smile to my face and others not so much.

But life is for living yet here I find myself strapped to the corporate world craving for more, I enjoy the finer things in life, these do not provide a better or a clearer memory but this is how I am wired.

559 days in and the twin’s comfortable slide past the 18 month barrier, at this age they know nothing else so everything is an experience which either comes with a smile or a scream.

Life is about making memories but at what expense, we ultimately want the best for our children but this should be an inherent feeling

Do I have a plan, I have a spreadsheet which never balances but with age and children becomes a more relaxed ‘Fuck It’ attitude.

It can be said that a happy childhood is one where the family is surrounded with love and not money, but you didn’t see my 4 year olds face when I picked him up from school in a BMW I8.

Life should be simple, and in reality it is, but it’s our existence and cravings that make for such a controlled and convoluted society that brings greed.

We all want something more, its controlling that want and replacing it with what’s important.

Life……was it ever supposed to be easy!