Living The Dream, Twins and a Toddler

It’s 3am and I am awake, why? because I have 3 children and one of them is awake and screaming, fortunately I am married and like most mornings said child is screaming for his mummy, yes people this is real life and again we are winning.

This morning’s episode and early wakeup call was because our loving 4 year old sons duvet wasn’t covering his body and it was obviously far too much effort for him to move his fucking arms and grab the duvet himself.

I call all such episodes as Living The Dream, we really are with 3 children and a decreasing bank balance at present the only thing they can’t touch is my pension, however I am sure that at some point the wallet destroyers will take this away.

Getting old is a real concern, as previously mentioned I turn 40 this year and plan on having my midlife crisis around March 2018, this is a specific date but this is around Bonus time and I plan to spend mine on something selfish with 4 wheels and a supercharged engine.

But looking back on life have I achieved everything I wanted too, from a career perspective we are on track, although since the arrival of the children this has taken a back burner but I still achieved Directorship before they arrived (just).

I found love and married a strong independent women who still makes me smile, I haven’t travelled the world as much as I would have liked too and I owe too much money to the banks, but I am alive and healthy.

I am tired, but this is the journey through parenthood, I’m constantly fetching shit which, is more often than not in arm’s length but Teddy is far too important to collect his IPad himself. During weekends I smell of baby wipes and occasionally shit after another exploding nappy. I wear a backpack at the weekends and can be found pushing a pram around Chester Zoo.

Life has changed from drunken weekends and lazy mornings in bed with my wife, where time stood still and life was free, but in reality having children does enrich your life.

On the rare occasions where all 3 children are playing together, there is nothing so precise than seeing them laugh together.

Should life pass us by and we take each day as it comes or should there be a bucket list, ticking off what is important and to whom is this important, are we selfish or are we a team.

We are a team of 5 …………… and we fucking rock!