Shark Attacks, Politics and the Anniversary

Luis Suarez, he had ability, technique but will probably be remembered for his continued habit of biting people.

Teddy, our 4 year old son, currently famous for his ability to rule me and his mother with an iron fist, bowing down to his demands and dictatorship style of childhood but now we can also add biting to his talent.

Yes, being a human form of Jaws isn’t fucking cool or nor is it the appropriate behaviour of a 4 year old and I apologise for his actions, but one thing we have learnt is just how good he is at deflecting blame through his justification I can see a future career in politics, but none the less this was serious and we had to act.

Amazon, you can literally purchase anything on here, mouth guards, chin straps but apparently this wasn’t the answer, the cost of removing a child’s teeth through the proper channels (dentist) was also expensive and as these are still classed as his baby teeth the little bastards will only re-appear but bigger and stronger!.

We are now on zero tolerance with his behaviour, I just hope the padded clothing and batons arrive as it could all kick off at any moment.

It was announced this week that 2016 was the hottest year on record, is this really a bad thing, I guess if you are Polar Bear then yes this does have an impact, but for someone like myself who is looking to reduce his £200 monthly heating bill this can only be seen as a positive step forward.

We read again on how the NHS is meltdown and we ask what has happened to the £350 million a week that we were all promised from those lying fuck wits during the Exit Campaign, but seriously we need to save the NHS.

Obama leaves the white house and we see Trump arrive with his entourage of YES men this will be one hell of a journey as the whole world watches and waits.

Life is becoming easier at home, the Twins although not yet fending for themselves are able to move which makes life easier. This weekend is our wedding anniversary and I must have wasted 15 minutes yesterday in the Pound Shop but couldn’t find anything suitable, so its back to Amazon for that all important gift.