New Year New Me – well, probably give it at least another couple of days.

With just 10 months and a couple of weeks before I hit the ripe old age of 40 should we be setting ourselves targets, achievements or do we all continue on the rat race which is life.

Someone somewhere is posting an inspirational video, quote on either Instagram, Twitter or Facebook about life being short, but do we ever really listen, take note and act upon this?

Is it too hard to make changes to lifestyle or to try something different, what stops us, is it the fear of the unknown the complete cannot be arsed attitude or the realisation of what others may say or think.

Initially my goal this year was to sleep more, pathetic I know but with the last couple of weeks Henrietta (Twin #1) has been waking each and every morning at 5am, the other day she slept in till 0545 but my bloody body clock woke up at 5am in a panic.

Health, this has to be at the top list of anyone’s priority but do any of us take it seriously, the ever increasing waistline, losing weight but then committing to the journey long term is seriously hard work, which requires, effort……where as there is no real effort needed sitting on your arse enjoying another bag of chocolates that have been left over from Christmas, but you just can’t help yourself.

So here we are, another January and another commitment to improve my health, even went a step further this year and purchased a new FITBIT charge 2, so far so good although the sleep analyser is a lying little shit, I think it struggles to distinguish between sleeping and lying in bed with an 18 month old on your chest who is comfortable and asleep but you very clearly aren’t!.

So anyone looking for a FITBIT challenge, hook me up and I will follow!

Watching Teddy grow up is an emotional rollercoaster, the independence levels are increasing and sadly the cuddles are moving away, although we are very still much cool with the High Fives.

The Twins are incredible together, one minute they are playing with each other, so angelic, even soothing one another when the other is upset, then quicker than a Ferrari we have tears, one on the floor whilst the other sits, looking smug with the IPad in her hand.

I thought with Christmas being over I would have heard the last about Santa and the naughty step, yet every night since Christmas Teddy has asked if Father Christmas is coming tomorrow, I blame Amazon and the number of parcels that arrive daily, the poor fellow is confused between Christmas and Amazon Pantry!.

So let’s look forward to 2017, the false promises made in January, looking forward to giving up something I enjoy for Lent then failing badly after just 4 days before looking back and wondering how the fuck we ended up in June already!