Exercise…..My Arse!

Each December the Google search engine is placed into overdrive, with parents frantically searching the latest must have present for our already spoilt children, yet during the week in between Christmas and New Year we see a 40% increase in people searching for local gyms.

Why – because we have all eaten too much, its true Christmas brings out the greed in us all, I personally blame the cold dark nights, since the clocks went back I swear I have added at least one stone to this fine figure.

So it’s that time of year and this year I peeked a little early, on Monday announcing that in the New Year I am getting fit….again, at this point I was looking for some inspiration from my wife, but instead was greeted with the unsupported – ‘Fuck Off, you say this every year!

Life gets in the way, trying to make time for the gym but its true it’s the bad choices I make with my food, one example being the Chocolate Eclairs from M&S which tastes so damn good and the empty packets which are just casually thrown all over the back of my car are a clear advert of just how good they taste.

Basically its Diet, below is the fact sheet of what exercise it would take to cancel out a Big Mac.


One Big Mac and then that’s 42 mins of Cardio, I mean………fucking hell!!

I need to pull my shit together, but this can wait till January, no point in wasting all the good food we will be buying this week and it is Christmas after all.

But Christmas isn’t all Jingle Bells for everyone, it’s also a time for reflection and forgiveness, it’s a time where we remember loved ones and cherish the moments we had and crave for one more hello and no more goodbyes.

This Christmas I will be grateful for what I have, fuck the ever expanding waistline, I can deal with this in the New Year.

Take Care!