Define a Good Parent

How do you define being a good parent, keeping your child safe must be a key priority.

Good manners, we should all excel and demand this from our children, saying Please and Thank You and generally showing a kind nature towards each other, bullying is a concern and an overall appreciation of what is right and wrong should also be thrown in for good measure.

But as a parent we often make little mistakes, not intentional but lets be honest and open here, shit does happen.

For example swearing, it isn’t like we forget that we have 3 little ones with us at all times, nor is it deliberate, but with a wife who has the nickname of Ramsey and it isn’t for her cooking skills, you can see the challenges we face as parents.

Only last weekend, after a quick dash to the local supermarket to purchase some premium Italian lager we went on the traditional family hunt for this years Christmas Tree in our local village, we did leave the twins at home with the Aupair, always thinking #daddyskills

Teddy chose the tree, tall, large and a bugger to move, the next challenge was loading this into the SUV, with the split rear folding seats down the tree was still exposed by about a foot, with an electronic tailgate we were left with 7 inches of daylight protruding through the boot, but we were loaded and ready to go.

Safety – yes it is everyone’s responsibility and the car was telling me both visually and with an annoying bleep that the boot was open, no shit Sherlock.

As we began to leave, conscious of the boot situation, I took my time, but then conversations started, the annoying bleep was removed from my conscious mindset, It was then that I glanced into my rear view mirror.

Fuck, the boot was fully open and all I could here was the noise of bottles jangling together, I gathered my thoughts and I was fully aware that at any moment the precious cargo could fall at any time, this was serious, I was totally out of lager and the pain of seeing those green bottles smashed across the country lanes would have killed me.

I acted as most would in this situation and repeated the word FUCK at least a dozen times before being able to stop.

At this point Teddy had picked up on the situation and turned to his mother and repeated the now infamous F word – but with a little more enthusiasm than I had every wished for.

I praise myself on being a good parent but probably my language could be toned down, my wife and I did trial sign language for a short time but Teddy soon picked this up and would often be seen calling both of his sisters wankers and anyone who would care to look in his direction. Another embarrassing episode.

So, tell me how do you define being a good parent?