Never Saw That Coming……..

It’s a 21st century issue, and as many parent will appreciate negotiating with a 4 year old is difficult, no let’s be honest, its fucking impossible.

Why he couldn’t have simply dicked about with a couple of his CBeebies Apps that drive us all mad with his Dinosaur sound Effects, but no – it was Ethan the Gamer, it always is. How can it be entertaining watching another child play a computer game – I guess Goggle box is the adult equivalent.

None the less, I was pissed with his defiance and failure to move, you see living in the deep Cheshire countryside broadband is an issue and our all-encompassing BT package will only allow one live download at a time – so it was You Tube v’s The Football.

So how the hell did the bill paying 39 year old loose to a 4 year squatter – ok he doesn’t squat he has rights but sometimes…I swear!.

They have no wiggle room at all, I went all in, offering kinder eggs and even money but no, I had no choice but storm off and order Sky Sports right there and then.

I am honestly unsure how I will cope when the twins begin to speak, the three of them are going to run me ragged – then we have there mum.

However the real news this year has to be the American Political future, so is Trump really bad news, will he really be able to dispel his hatred for the population of Mexico and will he really start WWIII.

I personally would hope the answer to all of the above is No, I do however have a deep fear regarding the ‘Black Lives Matter’ situation.

The media will portray Trump as a racist and many of clips on the Internet will show examples of this and more worryingly his supporters.

Let’s get back to the basics, we are all human regardless of size, colour or beliefs, some beliefs (in my opinion are a little fucked up).

I am however confident that those working behind closed doors should, hopefully keep the world safe, there will be several conspiracy theories out in the open about his tenure and if this should ever end abruptly.

But you have to admire his understanding of the American population, very much like BREXIT here in the UK, the campaign’s hit the target audience and he preached what those individuals wanted to hear and believe. Will he follow this through who knows but like that Twat Nigel Farage he tapped into the uneducated?

That said, if you have a dream, the passion and the self-belief this is another example that anything is possible in life.