Life……..Passing Through

Life – is this is a game and if so how do we acquire points, is it through wealth, if so I need to up my game considerably, if it is through love I think I may be winning.

As a parent there is quite nothing that can compete with that feeling, another example of me winning is the hot girl in Starbucks who placed a heart and a kiss next to my name. This is no coincidence, I am a DILF.

Last week I turned 39, each and every day is now a step closer to being 40, not that there is anything wrong with being 40 but when I look back have I really achieved all I had set out to achieve.

Twins – this was never on the agenda, but here we are 14 months in and everyday continues to be a struggle, I am not writing with a poetic licence, having twins is hard work. That said, watching them play together and hearing them laugh certainly makes life a lot easier.

With the impending 40, I feel this is a one chance opportunity to purchase something and blame it on a mid-life crisis, those that know me will understand that this will involve 4 wheels with upwards of 400 bhp and those that know my wife will appreciate that this will end up costing me in more ways than one.

So – have I achieved what I want so far aged a handsome 39. I am married with 3 beautiful children, I do own a property but no I don’t live in it, yes I have a credit card and a couple of loans and I work to survive.

Looking around me I see people glued to either a smartphone or on a laptop, nobody seems to speak to each other anymore, have we lost the personal touch, Facebook is a great example, with hundreds of ‘so called’ friends who I once knew but haven’t spoken too in years. Then we have twitter and Instagram, I have a more regular conversation with strangers on Twitter than I do with my ‘real’ friends whose phone numbers I have but still choose not to call.

I question the life my children will grow up in, what new so called advantages will make them less sociable with the human touch but more restricted through social media and presenting a life that isn’t all that real.

The sun is shining through the huge windows and the smell of coffee is very real, the varied number of languages I hear around me question why the fuck I never took the time to learn a new language. But hear I am aged 39 and worrying about the choices I never made.

I should be concentrating on the decisions I will take moving forward, like for example what colour will I choose for the Porsche, how long will it take for my wife to forgive me or what will it cost.

There is no manual for life, we each have to make our choices and naturally we hope they work out for the best, I enjoy travelling with work but most of all I miss my family, the smell of baby wipes and the routine that creates us all.