19 days since the last post, I apologise and quite frankly so should my employer, who would have thought that holding down a full time job would actually require me working in excess of 35 hours a week.

This weekend the clocks go back, the original concept was born in 1907 by William Willett in an effort to stop people wasting valuable hours of light in the summer months. Obviously William never had the foresight to imagine that in the future we will have Facebook and Twitter to allow us to waste literally hours.

One of the said benefits is that we will gain an extra hour on Sunday morning, this is fact, no lie I’ve even googled it. Sadly, living with a toddler and 14 month old twins I can quite literally wipe my arse on that extra hour because it won’t be happening here.

Dark nights bring a different atmosphere, living in the countryside it is completely pitch black with just the distant flickering lights of a distant yet remote town. I have however found a fresh love for Hot Chocolate, no not the group, however there song titles I could live my life by.

You Sexy Thing                                  (It’s true)

Put Your Love In Me                       (wife often demands this)

You could’ve been a Lady             (some days she is)

It Started With A Kiss                      (look at us know – one kiss to a family of 5)

One of my greatest loves of autumn is the changing colour of the leaves, the last 5 minutes of my journey home is through long winding single track lanes and this time of the year it just looks so beautiful.

That said, the temperature drops and we begin the winter battle, I will continue to stroll around the house in a pair of shorts (keeping it real – just like my dad does) defending the need to turn on the central heating. Having children however changes this, it is like the Get Out Of Jail card in a game of Monopoly no father will ever deny his children the warmth they crave.

So here we are living the dream in the Cheshire Countryside in a beautifully converted barn but pretending we live in Barbados with temperatures reaching the late twenties, each evening paying tribute to Blackpool lights with our very own attempt of having every single bloody light switched on.

I hate to admit but Christmas is just around the corner, that time of year we throw ourselves into debt to please others. But what is that one gift you really want, mine is simple, I just want a fucking a lie in!.