Fucked Up World

On reflection I acted like a dick – but in my defence I wasn’t presented with all of the facts and its true a picture can paint a thousand words, but if the picture only tells half the story I believe I have a strong case.

Nobody wants to admit to having an accident, or even worse denting your husbands car through reversing into a stealthy positioned, stationary 5 foot high brick wall.

But receiving that phone call 5 minutes before the monthly board meeting certainly fucked up any ideas I had that day.

On the plus side nobody was injured, the airbags hadn’t deployed but the car needed some attention.

I would imagine my wife would like to hear the end of this, yet here I am blogging about the incident and Teddy reminds us every time we pass the fucking wall just what happened.

The innocence a child has is remarkable, with an abundance of honesty and not yet grasping the true meaning of a secret living the world through the eyes of a child must in today’s society be a little fucked up.

As a young child in the early 80’s there was no Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, no app update for the latest breaking news story to come direct to your phone, which this year has been full with celebrity deaths or the latest cowardly massacre of innocent people.

The challenges I faced as a child are nothing like what our children will be presented with, personally the world feels more dangerous, the uncertainty of life , things may have not changed in reality but is sure as hell feels like they have. Is this change due to the increasing access we have to the news with 24 hour stations and social media updates.

The news is now littered with destruction and death, can you imagine how the exciting a career as a teacher will be in 2065, specifically a history teacher, with so many life impacting and changing processes that have taken place since the late nineties.

For those hundreds that follow my blog you are probably reading this on your smart phone, but Email only really became popular in 1996 with the addition of Hotmail opening up a world of SPAM.

It’s incredible how technology has changed the lives that we live but at what cost. Is obesity in children due to the new age of gaming and You Tube clips, when was the last time you saw a group of children playing football in a field or riding around like lunatics on there bikes.

All I want for my children is security and happiness, what is you want for yours?