Free Kisses

14lbs in a week, it’s incredible and I am unaware of any diet that can claim a similar result, it hasn’t been easy at all but thanks to tonsillitis I am now lighter than I have been for several years.

I did contemplate the idea of offering free kisses (with tongues included) to help those also suffering with their weight the same brilliant token of hope that I had – but then after writing the business plan and realising that I would be attracting the grossly overweight that this may not be the best way forward and then not forgetting I am actually married.

The next challenge is keeping the weight off, easier said than done especially as I have found a new love for the Ice Lolly and in particular the FAB ice lolly. Each evening I can be seen softly enjoying the pleasure that only a Fab can bring.

So what has been going down since my last blog – unfortunately not what I wanted, but I did have 4 incredible days driving around in a BMW i8 which has to be one of the best all-rounders I have driven, certainly beating the Jaguar F Type or the Audi A7 I ran for 3 years but again this was a different car and at £45k more expensive you would expect it also.

The feeling of enjoyment, acceleration and the passing looks but then there is also a dark side and this is those bloody doors. As per the picture below, if you were to park in a normal parking space you would fail to exit. Just imagine parking in a restaurant car park where no other cars were parked to allow you to safely leave the vehicle but on your return there is a car parked either side. Yes, yes my friend you are the twat that now has to go back to restaurant and ask if the owner of either the Mercedes or the Audi could kindly move their car because you are the prick in the super car with impractical doors.

20160610_142433 (2)