House Move – Better View

Would you like me to check your bollocks for you too, it won’t take long I promise?

The above sentence could be deemed acceptable in a particular circumstance but no, here I am once again 12 months later and with the impending company medical this week I pray that the previous doctor I have seen for the past 3 years has been replaced by a younger model, preferably female.

Life catches up on you so quickly, recently I have found myself having to re-focus to read a paper or more embarrassingly having to increase the font size when receiving an Email or trying to read a phone number.

Getting out of bed has always been a struggle, but seeing the smiles from the twins is helping then the cuddles from Teddy and then the view from the new house but this doesn’t hide the aches and pains we all experience from getting that little bit older.

We moved house last week, which in its self is a huge challenge and a bloody logistical nightmare with 3 children. I am currently in the confused state where I am unable to locate anything kitchen related without going through every single bloody cupboard.

Why did we move, honestly for a better view and an increased rural security that comes with living in the country.

This weekend I am escaping family life and joining a bunch or hardened individuals on a Stag Weekend, much of the party is either currently protecting our country or are ex-servicemen, then we have me.

With soft hands and the instinctive ability to avoid any manual labour this will be a challenge like most Stag Wk Ends there will be alcohol and then a couple of activities some of which I am unable to mention as the Stag follows this blog – Hi Paul!!

Life Insurance – something worth checking and if applicable I would consider increasing……….

The Twins are changing so much but one thing that hasn’t changed is the amount they are costing, currently averaging between £600 – £675 a month on food and nappies I worry that the costs will only increase, but as a parent you only want the best for your children.

Life is difficult and hard but with so much negativity in the news we should all take life with a fuck it attitude, life is short and tragedy could strike at any point, live now and enjoy what we have – lets worry about the future when it arrives if it ever arrives……