Is The Grass Always Greener

Is the grass always greener on the other side, depending who you speak to you could be persuaded either way.

Thursday the 23rd June will bring the opportunity for us to see if the grass it actually greener, should we stay or should we go, a decision that the Scott’s decided was a step too far and leaving the United Kingdom would have been like selling Irn Bru to Pepsi.

Will it really make an impact, we talk about trade, the CBI argue that the net benefit of EU membership is worth between 4-5% of GDP to the UK or £62bn-£78bn per year.

In 2015 the UK made total contributions to the value of £8.5bn, this looks like a relative sound investment given the potential net benefit if we are to believe the CBI.

However, let’s consider where we find ourselves today; Tuesday and Thursday this week are really shitty days to find yourself needing emergency care, Why? Because our junior Doctors are on strike, apparently providing a 7 day a week service is far from acceptable, so as well as the weekend off they will be enjoying a 3 day week.

By leaving the EU should we not be in a better position to generate improvements to our National Health Service – Monday Moan……  I am a huge fan (see link) but can we be so sure that the £8.5bn that will be saved will be spent on those good causes and much needed improvements.

It’s a simple question but why are we not supporting local industries, the Steel Industry is on its arse, yet with all the infrastructure within the UK, new building, HS2 we are importing Steel from China rather than supporting our local economy.

China – seriously….we should be supporting British Brands, another example here are with the supermarkets, ok, you never see a poor farmer but we should promote British Meats rather than imported.

What is the attraction, are we just too expensive and too far behind in our manufacturing methods, is it true that we aren’t as efficient as our neighbours in Europe or dare I say in China.

Are we too focused on price against quality and sustainability? Maybe so, but this is now having an impact on our society.

Today it was announced that BHS has fallen into administration, not the greatest of British brands but this still has the result to impact the families and survival for 11,000 individuals.

Who’s Next…….