Wallet Destroyers #Twins

That terrifying moment when you realise that taste in your mouth isn’t snot, its piss. At this point snot would have been a welcoming winner but no, I have just tasted piss.

How did I get here, I guess this isn’t the first time but as any parent will know with a young child, tickling and messing around to the point where you are confronted with uncontrollable laughter often results in most children quite literally pissing their pants.

The moment when I realised this wasn’t snot? This was during the loud screams off “I’ve just weed on daddy” sadly; I failed to find anything funny in this at all.

On a more positive, we are still riding the high wave of the twins sleeping for 12 hours each night something which we are grateful for #SuperNanny.

Yet – just on that said subject, who the fuck came up with that overused phrase – they are too tired to sleep, this is normally used when a child/baby is struggling to fall asleep, yet personally when I am tired I have no issues to sleep, how can you ever be too tired to sleep that you choose to scream and cry instead as an alternative??.

With the twins nearly approaching 8 months old both wallet destroyers are forcing us to think about downsizing our house, this may seem a little radical but both girls are quite literally eating us out of house and home.

Combined with the sheer amount of shitting they both do we seem to be on a continuous cycle of feeding and changing nappies – this has recently become a little more dangerous after Twin 1 is now able to roll and takes great pride and personal achievement in doing such whilst your changing an incredibly shitty nappy.

I haven’t been Solo with all 3 children for a while however, last weekend my wife left me (open the floodgates for marriage proposals) but returned 3 days later after enjoying a girly weekend away – they call it a hen party, but all the photo’s I have seen I didn’t see a single fucking chicken!

Fortunately ‘Super Nanny’ was here on Friday and my parents helped out on Saturday, I cried myself to sleep on Friday and woke with panic on Saturday but Sunday all was forgiven as my wife was returning home. Not sure who was more excited, the Twins grateful that mummy  was home and has more of a clue than daddy, Teddy as let’s face it boys always love their mums or me because it meant I could escape and wash the cars for a couple of hours – which I did immediately.