Toilet Paper & Mattresses

There are certain things in life that if possible you should never scrimp and save upon, these are not necessary luxury items, but items which if we purchase on the cheap will haunt you forever.

One example is toilet paper – nothing but Cashmere is suitable for my arse which is now possible thanks to Waitrose,  granted its not actually Cashmere and I should know after all my wife owns her own fashion label selling Cashmere but it’s called Cashmere and its from Waitrose.

Another example is the mattress, if you are fortunate to live till you are 75 statistics show that you will spend on average 25 years lying on that said mattress, depending on the quality will ultimately impact on the number of those 25 years you will be spend sleeping.

Here lies my issue of the week, the mattress which comfortably lies on my bed is one of utter quality and it came with a four figure price tag – hence I intended sleeping like a baby – although not like our twins who I am beginning to quickly come to the conclusion that there are in fact night owls in baby grows.

Most of us have a spare room, and located in this room is a spare bed; I am yet to find anyone who has invested in a quality mattress for said spare room. I certainly didn’t – why would I spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on a mattress to which I have no intention of using.

This is the issue – as a couple we never argue and if we did – due to the comfort of our own mattress neither of us are stupid enough to sleep in the spare room – purely down to the comfort of our own mattress. However when children are involved as I have learnt this week, sometimes the Spare Room seems like a perfectly good refuge.

Trying to settle a 3 year old in the middle of the night who is convinced that in his very room there are monsters plotting to kill him and his T Rex whilst trying to remain clam is a very difficult position to find yourself, with the added cocktail that the twins could awake at any moment thus sending the wife into a spiral and quite rightly blaming both you and the terrified child and T Rex, the spare room feels like a good compromise.

To a 3 year old a memory foam mattress with over 2200 individually zoned pockets means bugger all, to a 38 year old male already suffering from sleep deprivation it means the world, so when lying down on a mattress purchased from the internet which is wafer thin you begin to question the choices that we make.

Life’s lesson – never scrimp on a mattress or toilet paper – as I now find myself searching for a comfortable mattress.