Parent Appreciation

Having a young child allows you to break free from the normally aspirated alarm clock, with a young child there is no such joy as a snooze button.

Imagine having twins – double the joy, double the screams – welcome to my world.

I say welcome to my world, but I am one of the lucky ones, I truly am, I have responsibilities that lie beyond the family home, these responsibilities are known as work – but the best bit of all this work is that I actually get paid each month.

I escape the madness that comes from being a mummy, a mummy who took a career choice to raise our 3 children, to whom I am eternally grateful for. That said my wife still manages to combine being a full time mum whilst running her own business (shameless plug).

I am sure that I am not alone in this parent trap – I leave the house and everything is calm, but is it always like this – I often joke that I would happily swap places – but would I ?

Going to work each day allows me the following privileges, I get to visit the toilet alone, a little bit of me time, my wife however is invaded by our 3 year old asking why the Ipad has stopped working, darling imagine when the twins are walking………I think we may need a bigger toilet.

I have a lunch hour, it’s a contractual thing, I very rarely take a lunch break but I eat every day, normally alone whilst working but I eat and always between 1200 – 1300 hours, my wife I doubt whether she eats at all let alone at a regular time.

Each morning I have the opportunity to get dressed, look at myself in the mirror and smile – damn I look good, wearing a dark blue suit with a freshly pressed white shirt – my wife stood next to me wearing jogging pants and a sweater, knowing that throughout the day that sweater will be changed at least twice.

How often do we appreciate our partners for the struggle that they face each day, will our children ever understand the sacrifice that was made or was it simply because daddy was too tight to pay for a full time nanny.

Either way – I am grateful for my wife taking one for the team, its true stay at home parents rock