Important Dates

This week I am pleased to announce that I am still married, and not getting divorced,

The second and first Monday’s in January have earned the title of Divorce Monday’s. It is recognised that Marital Strains often come to a head over the festive session as we spend more time together than we would normally, something I am always grateful for.

There is even a company called Divorce Depot which will now complete an online divorce for just £29.99.

Fortunately – for my wife, I am both sexy and funny – the mirror does not lie, that said often my humour goes a little too far.  Only this week a jovial post of Facebook created such outcry I was scared to leave home, feeling that at any moment I would be presented with women’s right activists demanding my head.

Having the ability to make people laugh is important to me; I am no Peter Kay, although my wife is from Bolton, so we have a connection at least.

It is important though to understand individual’s sense of humour, a good sense of humour doesn’t mean memorising jokes and jamming them into conversations. A good sense of humour responds to the flow of conversation in ways that are creative and entertaining.

Living with a funny partner also provides health benefits, a good laugh can be compared to a mild workout, as it exercises the muscles, gets the blood flowing, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones. The positives continue with an improved sleep pattern and can boost our immune system.

Just reading the above, I can see just how lucky my wife is, if this current career path doesn’t work out I could become a male Gigolo offering more laughter per £ providing a smile and a workout, what an offer.

This week we celebrate our wedding anniversary; this is the one date that is automatically removed from the minds of all married men, why is this case? I can remember birthdays and recall many previous conversations I have had or facts when needed. However, remembering the day and year I got married, epic fail every year.

I knew it was January and it took place on a Saturday but remember the specific date and year, I have no bloody clue, this is one subject where humour will not help.

Yesterday, I received a dinner invite, a date none the less to one of my favourite restaurants, even better was the acknowledgement that my wife would pay. I was shocked, and immediately thought this must be due to the large number (ok a couple) of night feeds that I have undertook during recent weeks, coupled with my good lucks and positive humour my wife wanted to spoil me.

I could not have been further from the truth – it was to celebrate our anniversary, which I had yet again forgotten.