The Break Up……..

It’s never easy to walk away, we have been together years, experienced some great moments and also some low moments, in fact I struggle to think of a time when you haven’t been at  my side.

As the grown up in the relationship it has always been me that took responsibility for keeping you safe, something which I enjoy, very rarely allowing a stranger to hold you or touch you.

The question, how attached are you to your mobile phone?

A recent study by Forbes states that the average human interacts with their smartphone 46 time’s a day, this is a staggering fact and means that on average we check our phones at least every 25 minutes – during our waking hours.

Here is a question – have you ever been successful in leaving a mobile phone provider?

It is one of the hardest tasks known to mankind, hence why today after trying I have re-signed for another 24 months with a new handset.

Where do people learn this shit, I mean honestly, I was mentally prepared for this conversation; I went over it again and again.

“I would like to cancel my contract please” – it should have been a quick call no pleasantries just the cold facts, after 20 years I felt it was time to leave and start a relationship with a new mobile provider.

Who was I kidding, the first mention of me cancelling I was informed that I would be passed over to the retention team……. THE RETENTION TEAM, I just want to cancel my contract.

Boom – there it was the caressing soft voice of an Irish female, gently flirting with me encouraging me to stay, I held my position, her voice became softer and the gentle flirting increased, but no I wasn’t falling for this shit!

After a short silence, I was told that I will now be passed to the Cancellation team, phew, finally, take your time, concentrate we are nearly there…..

I was greeted by a very over excited Geordie, Hey Jonathon, how can you leave me and how can you leave all your friends here, I felt guilty, my friends, really, do they care about me this much.

The cold reality is that I could not rely without my phone, I have 2, a personal and a work phone, both with me at all times, has technology created a monster in us all…………….