Direction Needed

Turn left or turn right, both have advantages and those disadvantages but just how important are the decisions which we take in our lives.

Do you believe in fate and the fact that everything happens for a reason?

We make decisions each and every day, personally making a decision in work is simple, its based on simple facts, is it profitable and ethical, will it keep our people and those around us safe, yet a making a decision that has an impact on my family – well its hard to know what to do for the best.

Recently making that all important decision on schools, could the decision that we take today impact our son for the remainder of his life, will he interact, reject or flourish in the school which we as parents have chosen, with frankly no real skill or understanding – based on both a quick visit and a gut feeling.

It is evidential that there is no such thing as a purely logical decision, our brains use a combination of logic and emotion when making any decision. The specific emotion that we humans have is intuition. We posses the capacity to feel, and thereby the ability to know things without consciously reasoning, the gut feeling is real and we use it all of the time.

However this still doesn’t help with making a decision that I feel will benefit my family in the years ahead.

Moods can affect judgement, perception and physical and emotional well being. Long-term exposure to negative moods or stressful environments can lead to illness such as heart disease, diabetes and even ulcers.

The decision making effects of any kind of bad mood can hinder a persons job performance, in contrast a positive mood can enhance creativity and problem solving, does our working environment and surroundings reflect this – just look at those working at Google, Apple and Facebook – the environment is positive – thus creating positivity which in turn is creating results.

Only time will tell whether or not the choices we have made were the right ones, however at that given point in time they felt right, life moves very fast and things change and I guess we need to be receptive to change and where applicable admit we have made errors……but if we have the opportunity to change, reflect and learn that is all that counts.

Everything happens for a reason, I hear this all the time, but fundamentally it happens because of the choices we made that day.