Welcome 2016……

I have been here been here before, making these ridiculous plans for the new year and in reality everything normally turns to shit.

I said at the beginning of 2015 that this was the year I would finally loose some weight – utter bollocks as I sit hear drinking my 2nd Gin & Tonic and munching my way through a bag of Walkers crisps, not one of those regular size bags but a sharing bag – sat here alone sharing with no one, ironic really, yet I am the heaviest I have ever been.

During January gyms experience a 12% increase in new memberships, who are they kidding, come March these fatties will have given up and will be joining me on the sofa enjoying a sharing bag of crisps to themselves………FACT.

On reflection 2015 has been a mixed year for me personally, the highs – who could have forgotten the arrival of the twins, having a child is an amazing gift, but having two – people say your blessed, I say………you haven’t got a fucking clue!

Understanding the value of money and what is important and what isn’t in life, at the age of 38 this has finally hit home.

There have been some lows however, my son confused between the difference of having a wee and having a poo as we stood at the toilet waiting with anticipation of urine hitting the bowl. Then a high pitched voice telling me  that it was actually a poo he needed….too late.

The loss of my cousin to depression was – quite frankly shit and is something no parent, family or friend should ever go through.

Life is short and we need to live for today – in most circumstances we have a choice and should take those routes that enrich our lives, I say fuck tradition, take the path that you want to follow.

This time last year we were a family of 3 and today we are a family of 5, so much can change in a year, so please…make it a bloody good one.