Christmas Heroes

This time tomorrow it will be all over, the tree will look out of place, dads everywhere will be collecting up the ripped fragments of wrapping paper, mums will be panicking over the Christmas dinner and no doubt will have drank a little too much during the cooking process.

But who are the real heroes of Christmas?

Let’s consider those heroes in a little more detail, an unlucky contender but in at number 3 are both Visa and MasterCard, making Christmas possible for so many families (including myself). With an estimated £1.2 billion being spent on the last Saturday before Christmas, the frantic search for a balance transfer begins in January.

In at number 2 is Turkey – not the country but the choice for so many on Christmas Day and for my American Followers Thanks Giving, in the US it is reported that 46 Million Turkeys are consumed on Thanks Giving, within the UK this figure is estimated at 10 million – with so many disappointments through over cooking, or the epic fail of having a bird too large for the oven.  These poor little bastards give up so much just so we can continue a tradition.

It goes without saying that number 1 has to be family, but those of us who are parents, Christmas is all about the little people – when I say little people just to be politically correct I am making no reference to the seven dwarfs or even those that are vertically challenged.  It is all about the children – within the UK it has been reported that the average family will spend £312 per child, taking one for the team and having 3 children, the twins have sadly missed out this year.  In the US this figure has risen over recent years with an average $803 being spent per child.

Christmas really is a special time, but let’s not forget those traditions, annoying traditions that seem to increase each year with popularity.

Christmas bloody jumpers, let’s all dress like a twat for day – honestly this is one tradition I would happily shove up the Turkeys arse.  Another is Secret Santa, trying to find that one gift for someone in the office who quite frankly you try to avoid throughout the year but here you are searching for the most inappropriate gift you can possibly find for £5. Finally we have the shoppers panic, the supermarkets are closed for a day – one single bloody day – yet we all shop as if they are to never open again – it’s crazy.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your families, I’ve been blogging now for 7 months and really appreciate your support and comments.