The Traits of a Man

As a male there are certain situations in which we are pre-programmed, it’s a natural state, we can’t help this and one such area is sex.

You may have heard the comment that men think about sex every 7 seconds, WOW every 7 seconds this could explain a lot but in reality a study which was promoted by the BBC – probably on the back of the recent sex scandals which has hit the aforementioned public funded but none the less.

Based on the 7 second rule this would equate to thinking about sex up to 514 times an hour or 7,200 times during a 14 hour day – assuming we sleep for 10 hours (I fucking wish).

The research showed that this was not correct – really…..but on average a male will think of sex between 4- 7 times a day – Again I exceed the average male – High Five.

Another area is following written instructions; I have yet to seek another male who openly follows instructions on anything, normally this involves flat packed furniture or the latest technology gadget.

At home we are blessed with a range topping Samsung Eco Bubble Washing machine we paid a very princely sum for this machine and given the amount of clothes that the twins and Teddy get through on a daily basis with the machine being on twice daily it’s great that we found a machine to meet our needs.

But did we? – with more than 100 wash combinations from load fill to spin speed and wash time we use the same bloody programme day in day out “Daily Wash”. How pissed off must our machine be, every day we load the machine yet turn the dial to what must be the basic programme – how many of us do this?

Another classic of mine is not asking for directions, we will never and I repeat never stop a stranger and ask for directions – we could be anywhere with our wife’s/partners telling us to just stop and ask – we just cannot bring ourselves to complete such a humiliating task -If I get asked by a male I have on 2 occasions looked, smiled and laughed, mate you’re asking for directions –on my first experience I was told to fuck off on the second time I was told by the ambulance driver to stop fucking about. But stopping and asking a male for directions is brave…….

On a totally different subject I wish to share something which I read today whilst working here in Sweden. Volvo have committed that by 2020 no one will be killed or seriously hurt driving a Volvo – this is one hell of a statement and company goal.

I find Volvo the current Volvo range boring; yet as a parent keeping your family safe has to be a key fundamental of our Job Descriptions.

That said as soon as is affordable practicable I will be purchasing 2 Volvo’s, boring is better than dead!.