Real Life…………

The last 7 days have been incredible with a mixture of highs and then some very low points, but this is all about real life and ultimately makes us who we are.

Could also go to some way as explaining why I am moody bastard.

The Highs

For 3 consecutive mornings I have been awoken by my alarm clock and not the crying screams of the twins. My wife however is still enjoying the benefits of seeing the girls at 2 am through the night feeds, those special precious moments, complete silence and just the 3 of them together, it must be a special feeling I am sure but frankly I need my sleep!

Last weekend we took our son to watch the ‘Good Dinosaur’ Movie at the cinema, epic fail on 2 levels; firstly before the movie started they played a wholly inappropriate small movie from some prick in India about a magic genie that appears from a lamp but who is in actual fact a violent monster, although the short movie lasted 3 minutes it scared the living shit out of Teddy. This was then followed when we got to experience the immense quality of the full Dolby surround sound, with his hands on his ears and shouting at the top of his voice, it’s too noisy mummy…. I want to go home.

In such circumstances we follow a lot of our traits from our parents and we kick into survival mode, I immediately morphed into my dad and announced that after spending in excess of £50 on this bloody experience, no one is leaving early………….5 minutes later we left the cinema.

In order to pick up the mood we decided to collect our Christmas Tree on the way home, a week earlier than planned, I hate to admit it but I feel that I am starting too slowly slip into the Christmas spirit, it must be the kids it must be.

Watching my wife struggle with positioning and suggestions from our son where each decoration should be positioned was priceless, she later announced that next year we need 2 trees, one for her to decorate and one for the children – who said Christmas, was about sharing!!!

The Lows

Presented with a £8,000 tax bill just before Christmas certainly did nothing to help my mood on Friday.  Then being told that this needs to be paid before January the 31st. This really did highlight just how important life and family is, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the Tax Man and in particular that the Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs department and those employed are all TWATS.

There is one thing that is guaranteed in life, we will all pay tax and we will all eventually die, except that is………… Peter Pan.