Dear Daughters……

Dear Girls,

I appreciate that with daddy often working away we don’t get to spend just as much time together as we would like, please don’t feel sad as our time will surely come.

But your daddy needs sleep, not short bursts but long uninterrupted periods of at least 8 hours, it’s difficult enough you see, since we purchased that new baby monitor with the fitted camera and the enhanced HD sound we get to hear every single breath you take –it’s comforting.

Then we have the night feed, trust me you mother is not the quietest waking up and I swear she wakes me on purpose, this is yet to be confirmed – but I will get to the bottom of this.

So girls, what is it with 5am – trust me your missing nothing on the television except shopping channels or repeats, your elder brother is fast asleep so unable to entertain you with his dancing or cuddles which he delivers so accurately.

I am sure seeing my bald scrunched up face at 5am must be a delight, because every morning I am greeted with big eyes and huge smiles, at just 14 weeks it’s incredible how you can melt a grown man heart. But again I ask why 5am……..