Man Flu…….

Previously this week I blogged about how precious life is and how unfortunately this can be cut short, I do not expect sympathy or letters of concern but this week I have been struggling with Man Flu.

This is a crippling and debilitating illness that indiscriminately attacks male members, the more manly a man the more severe the illness, except for those who drive a Toyota Prius, which I don’t and never will.

Man Flu is considerate, through its complicated design it only attacks those with an XY chromosome (Males) therefore protecting the weaker sex. Deaths are fortunately very rare and the symptoms are harsh and soul destroying leaving those infected feeling weak, with an aching body and often large bouts of sickness.

There is a cure, yet this cure is not available from any surgery or local pharmacy.

In recent research studies, simply allowing an infected male direct control of the television remote control for a 24 hour period has shown a significantly high hit rate of those responding positively, this evidence is also linked with Super Sunday and repeats of Top Gear on Dave.

Regular TLC has shown to increase a males recover time, this is often best repeated at set intervals these can come in 2 types, either in 15 minute slots or during the half time period whilst your man recovers watching Super Sunday. We must also consider those actions that can have a negative impact on recover time.

Often those infected are misunderstood, the constant reminding that we are ill is often seen as a sign of weakness, this is however a psychological impact and actually through reminding ourselves of how ill we are is recovery in itself.  Medical professionals now widely recognise that self-diagnosis by the sufferer is the strongest means of identification.

We must at all times not confuse Man Flu with the lesser strain which is known as the simple, common cold, this targets the XX chromosome holders as a primary infection point (Females), this goes a long way to understand the constant miss-diagnosis and lack of respect that comes from the female population towards an illness which is powerful and is widely known as Man Flu.

So next time you hear those words, I think I have Man Flu – please take one for the team and support you man throughout.