Life – What is this all about…..

Travelling the distances I do, often your mind wanders and you begin to evaluate what life is really about, what is important and what do I want to be remembered for…….

As a child you want the latest toy, or the new style football boots or in my case a special pair of SPX trainers that were only available through Littlewoods. After much sulking and moaning my parents crumbled and I was the proud owner of a pair of Gold SPX trainers, I am unsure what all of the fuss was about at £2.98 a week they were a bloody bargain, lets be honest the fact this was over 156 weeks I couldn’t care, the bottom line was £2.98 a week is a bargain – this was a marketing triumph.

As a teenager your wants move to technology the latest Playstation or the latest  Apple product, in your early twenties its about having enough money to go out, get ridiculous drunk and in my case have as much fun possible with the opposite sex (for those in any doubt I am talking the ladies).

Here in my late thirties it has changed dramatically, being a husband and a parent our objectives and ambitions change, is this all life has to offer, do I have any regrets, maybe a couple.

Travelling – granted I could go tomorrow, but I have commitments a mortgage, a family and a grown up job.

Money – If I knew what I knew today I wouldn’t have made the mistakes I have with money, but thats hindsight and I guess making these mistakes has taught me to become a little more careful.

But why – given the profile of the press recently and with the increasing number of diseases and potential life changing impact this can have on our lives – how many of us actually life for today.

I have a pension – therefore I am living for the future, but what about living for today.

Do I want my children to attend university, graduate with a strong degree and morph into a career which is financially rewarding but boring as fuck?

Would I feel happy with my children travelling, seeing what the world has to offer, I never took this route but yes why wouldn’t I, it becomes a cliche but if they are happy then so am I.

Life is ever changing from one day to the next but I guess the morale is try and live for today, but remember that there may also be a tomorrow.