Life Expectancy

Life expectancy within the UK is currently estimated at 81 ½ years of age, which to be honest is a rather impressive number, however what the government hasn’t taken into consideration here is the complete fucked up society in which we find ourselves today.

They certainly haven’t considered the perils of the country lanes in which I find myself commuting on a daily basis, narrowly avoiding a farmer in his oversized tractor who is too busy talking to his bloody sheepdog to even notice me approaching in the other direction.

I also doubt that the calculations used even look into the possibility of death by Lego or anything else that my 3 year old leaves on the floor which will cause uncontrollable pain during a midnight rush to collect some additional milk for the twins.

But seriously to achieve a ripe old age of 81 ½ you must have been bloody good at avoiding all the harm and terrible atrocities that take place in society today.

As a parent I worry on how best to keep 3 children safe, I have considered bubble wrap, its cheap and comical at first but after a while that popping noise really does get on my tits. We can teach our children the Do’s and Don’ts of society but we can’t help protect our children from the mindless idiots who quite simply have no respect for human life.

As it stands 132 innocent people were murdered on Friday night in Paris, each one of these would have left the house expecting to return home safely, no one should experience this, the aftermath and the destruction it brings to families, communities and the wider population.

A small minority are creating fear amongst millions and as a parent I struggle with the realization as to how I can keep my children safe and sound – the reality is I can only do so much and that the wider society has a role to play, this however cannot be policed or enforced.

I hope that I reach the ripe old age of 81 ½ however, my greatest wish is that my children do too.