Why Lists Are Important

Leaving the house with a small child is a logistical challenge; multiply this by 3 and you can understand the strain that this can create with any relationship, even more so when you are me. Each child has its own requirements and that special toy that they cannot simply leave behind, fortunately we have moved on from footballs and now it’s Hot Wheels cars – smaller and easier to conceal.

I always tease my wife with her long lists, strategically located around the house they are everywhere but they have a purpose, just last weekend my wife (stupidly) allowed me permission to load the family car for a quick trip to Chester Zoo whilst she was feeding the twins.

All was going so well, all 3 children were safely in the car, the mood was good and we were on our way – unfortunately I had failed to check the local weather report, but any sensible individual would have noticed the dark skies and realized that we may – ok probably will get wet.

We were within touching distance when the skies opened, my wife pre-warning our son that he will need to wear his coat.

Coat…..no, definitely don’t remember packing one of those. My wife then then explains to me how we will need to get the girls waterproof cover on the pram quickly before it becomes ruined……………. Bollocks, I don’t remember packing those either.

You can imagine the look of upset from our Son whilst Mummy explains that we can’t go to the Zoo today because well frankly Daddy is a Dick!