Peace and Quiet

It’s November and this evening is bonfire night, one of the joys of living deep in the Cheshire countryside is the silence, Halloween presented itself with a free night too, no knock on the door from an overdressed child begging for sweets.

Last year was the same, this however didn’t stop me from buying a tub full for that just in case moment – obviously this then resulted in me taking one for the team and finishing the said box myself.

Checking the local weather forecast and its given heavy rain this evening, a bonus for those living in built up areas and the resounding knowledge that even the hard core firework enthusiast will have a damp and uneventful night, should help you sleep if nothing else.

Life is moving fast – the twins are now 10 weeks old and already creating an unhealthy relationship with my wallet, this week another delivery of clothes arrived – after a heated debate with my wife and during the argument she presented herself well – threatening all kinds of violence I agreed that cutting holes in the arms and legs of the baby grows in hindsight isn’t a way to extend the life of the baby grows.

With the combination of nappies and milk I look back to blog posted on the 4th August (The Cost of Being a Parent) again it stands at £229,251 per child– with 3 of them any aspiration to own a Porsche or a house by the beach is just pure fantasy.