Ten Things I’ve Learnt Being A Parent

Ten things I have learnt being a parent to twins and a 3 year old

  1. Silence is dangerous and now makes me very suspicious.
  2. Negotiating with a child is unnecessary and quite frankly stupid – I have yet to win
  3. Unsure of what I did with my time before having children – oh yes…..I slept
  4. Appreciating a comfortable pair of jogging pants – not that I jog.
  5. Being a better boss – having sympathy for those with a family and the pressures this brings.
  6. Going to the toilet alone is now only achieved during working hours.
  7. How much I swear and how quickly a 3 year old learns new words.
  8. Obsessed with the consumption of milk per child.
  9. Just how protective I have become over parent and child parking spaces.
  10. Appreciating my life and the happiness that being a parent brings.