People say you can cut an atmosphere with a knife, aged 37 years I have yet to confirm what an atmosphere looks like and to be honest not sure where I would start, what does it look like, does it have a particular colour or any distinguishing features??

This evening I returned home in a good mood, had a relatively successful day in work, the sun was shining on my 60 mile commute home and with 322 BHP at the disposal of my right foot – I am happy to report that today was a good day.

This however took a sharp turn to disarray once I announced I was home, I sure as hell couldn’t see it but bloody hell could I sense it, some serious shit had obviously gone down today whilst I have been at work, the potential culprits, the twins or Teddy our 3 year old.

Teddy – the betting man’s choice had a mini meltdown refusing to eat the freshly home made chicken nuggets which apparently he loved making but refused to eat, with a tantrum in the style of Maria Carey he (apparently) confidently through his plate to the floor – this resulted in a Mexican standoff which as always mummy won.

Children are clever, very clever – so clever to apologise to mummy he opted for mummy to put him to bed, to enjoy the peaceful hour of evening bed time TV and a relaxing bed time stories, this had some serious consequences for me personally – so serious I began to panic with the very thought, trying to tempt Teddy to change his mind, offering to play cars, in fact I would have done bloody anything he wanted.

It was wasn’t working – I had to bath and put the twins to bed…..bathing one child is stressful enough when they are only 6 weeks old, but bathing two!!

Fortunately during bath time they were well behaved with me panicking over any slight movement and putting on my best baby voice to try and reassure both girls that everything was ok and this really isn’t my 2nd time of bathing you alone!

Its the drying and get dressed when things seriously turn ugly, Twin 1, not a huge fan of the bath has no issues at all letting you know when she has had enough, trying to get her dressed is like a challenge on the krypton factor, wriggling around at every opportunity, sending me in panics of stress whilst Twin 2 casually observes looking and probably judging me.

Twin 1 continues to cry, whilst we fight with the baby-grow, legs here arms there, come on nearly there, I then make the error of looking at Twin 2, within seconds she spits out her dummy sending it into the air and landing just out of my reach, I swear she then winked at me and began to scream the bloody house down – come on dad deal with this LOL.

I joke, but honestly she bloody winked at me – this is an activity my wife carries out day after day with little praise or thanks – some would say its a mothers responsibility but seriously, I am so grateful and so should our 3 children that my wife when required is composed and resourceful.

Be grateful for what we have – I know I certainly am.