With less than 40 months before I hit the big 40 I have noticed that as I grow older my level of tolerance is decreasing, this probably isn’t helped through the relentless but rewarding experience of being a father to twin daughters aged 4 weeks and a football obsessed son.

Each morning I wake and my body aches, I can’t have one without the other, I move and I sigh, I move again and an even larger sigh is expelled out. I am getting old #fact and with this becomes an increasing worry about wasting your life away – the routine chores we plague ourselves with but which deliver no real benefit.

This has however created an industry which is served to help both the rich and those that simply cannot be arsed, I certainly qualify for the latter. This week we are looking to hire a cleaner. Several years earlier I would have been filled with horror about paying someone to clean – but today I say bring it on. I am seriously contemplating increasing this to a Gardner – its sounds rather posh having a gardener but in reality all he/she will be doing is mowing the lawn, I am open to gender realignment and a younger looking but blonde Charlie Dimmock with those assets I am sure would fit right in.

Life is short – unfortunately very short for some (midgets not included) but there is however no excuse for people who park in parent and child spaces, if anything is guaranteed to send me over the edge this has to be it.

Any parent will clearly understand how important these spaces are, the security of being able to actually open a door without having to squeeze through the smallest of gaps worrying about damaging you or even the car alongside you. Maybe we should have special spaces for Dick Heads for all these people who feel it appropriate to park where they shouldn’t.

Only last week whilst at M&S I witnessed two pensioners parking in a parent and child space – talk about taking the piss, granted time clearly isn’t on their side but this is just damn rude.

I am sure that the older you get the less you actually give a shit (see above) because you realize that time is precious and unfortunately none of us are Peter Pan – personally that is a good thing as Green really isn’t my colour.

So tell me, what is it that really gets you going (kept it clean)!!!