Diary of a Dad with New Borns

Dads Diary

It is quite literally relentless, being a parent is the most frustrating yet rewarding role that any of us will play during out short time on what we call planet earth.

I am always asked how is it going, how is the sleep working out, to be honest I think we are both doing really well, working as a team the sleep at present isn’t an issue, I personally struggle with fatigue through not stopping. To highlight this, below is my diary for yesterday (Sunday) apparently if you listen to the big man (God) this should be a day of rest!!


Alarm awakes me and all I want is an extra hour, but it isn’t going to happen, I rise from my bed struggling – I stager into the En-suite and quickly wash my face with cold water and brush my teeth. I have less than 75 steps and a minute before I collect the twins from my wife and take them into what was our bedroom before we started to sleep in separate rooms – that in itself is hard.


With both girls positioned comfortably in there feeding pillows I begin feeding solo style, allowing my wife who has pulled another night shift some rest bite and well deserved sleep, this continues for the next 45 mins between burping and settling the girls.


I make the 3 round trips from our bedroom down the stairs and into the lounge placing the girls into their second dwelling – another cot but this time in the lounge, with both girls changed into their day outfits they are softly sleeping on a cloud of milk. This gives me time before our 3 year old wakes to wash the 6 bottles from the night and sterilise today’s bottles.


Our son is yet to awake – he has had a busy week so this benefits me with some time, my options are a) sit down with a cup of tea b) fall asleep on the sofa c) tackle the large pile of ironing – I tackle the ironing.


I can hear the cries from upstairs – he has finally woken, changed we spend the next 30 minutes playing cars whilst Teddy enjoys his morning milk.


Significantly later than normal we attempt a morning breakfast together, shortly after my parents arrive with my 2 nieces, this is a momentous moment as any parent with twins will confirm, visitors and especially those such as grandparents will take the twins and Teddy and entertain them– time to sit back enjoy a cup of tea and relax.  However, I also see this as an opportunity to finish some tasks such as dishwasher/washing machine/putting the ironing back – it’s a difficult moment you have visitors, yet this allows you a moment to complete what is whilst on your own impossible.


Drive to the local refuse/recycling centre, as with most councils within the UK fortnightly bin collections are and quite frankly ridiculous, given the amount of waste with young children we create this is a weekly 45 minute round trip.


Start to prepare for our afternoon watching our nephew paly in goal for our local village football team, the kick-off is at 2pm and the home pitch is just 3.4 miles from where we live, but yes it still takes us 50 minutes to pack 3 children and a pram into a car.


Teddy has no interest in watching so we spend the next 90 minutes running around the sports field playing various incarnations of tackle/chase/passing – for a 3 year old with bags of energy this is wild, amazing and great – for a 37 year old who is struggling this is………….. Painful.


Returning home it’s time to cook and prepare the evening meal, food is in the oven the football is on the TV and I am ironing my work shirts for the week ahead – Teddy is screaming at me now to play football, my wife takes over the cooking and I painfully pull myself into the garden for 10 minutes of football.


Bath time – this represents at least 10 minutes of being able to sit back and relax whilst with his imagination he plays with his toy of moment, this is short lived and we then decide to fish for ducks.


Probably my favourite time of the day – bedtime, this is when I get to read our son stories in his bed and we always finish with a cuddle, sometimes this cuddle lasts just 5 seconds other times it continues for a good 15-20 seconds and I never want it to end.

19:15 – 2200

This is husband and wife time, a cup of tea, a giggle and a cuddle.

22:00 – 23:30

Feeding time, this is the last feed of the day, once finished I leave my wife and the twins and slope away for an uninterrupted 6/7 hours sleep; I always feel guilt ridden but this is slowly forgotten and I drift away into a deep sleep.

It gets easier, we know that we have all been here before, each day is a struggle but knowing that in time the girls will return with kind words, cuddles, kisses and the joy that we currently receive every minute from our 3 year old, yes life is good, albeit it is very difficult and tiring, but how boring would life be without the above.