Winter is arriving…..

It’s tough being a man, that fine balance of acceptance within a relationship, knowing your place but more importantly knowing the boundaries.

I knew it was coming, the general hints, even more so now that the twins are here, I understand that babies need to be kept warm and yes a cold would have huge ramifications on our sleeping pattern – which is quickly evaporating just as quickly as the blue skies that were once above us.

So last night I set the heating to come on during the morning at least, just to take the edge off, but only for the rooms upstairs, no requirement to turn on the under floor heating downstairs,  not yet anyway. I protested as much as possible and today I am keeping this protest strong, walking around in a pair of shorts – this is a common scene, you see my wife likes the house hot, I would have no complaint of such if we lived in a shed where only one room required to be kept warm, but we don’t.

I have become my dad – actively walking around in a pair of shorts turning the heating down at every given opportunity, fortunately we have under floor heating downstairs, I can’t help myself individually setting each room to a different temperature, often where possible even turning the bloody thing off. This then creates individual climates inside the house, the office is like an ICE BAR in Norway, yet the rooms where my wife is often found would replicate the impact you get after a transatlantic flight.

Departing from a wet and rainy Manchester but arriving to the sunshine state of Florida, the air hostess opens the door, we all await the glow of sunshine immediately arriving into the cabin, you exit the plane with the excitement, the instant warmth and that feeling of sunshine – yes I have arrived……..except for me the only place I have arrived is the bloody lounge!!

It’s a similar affair during the evening, often walking around the house and turning off the lights, industry has taken this a step further with intelligent lighting often in offices and warehouse where the lights are only illuminated where there is activity, surely this has been created for the home, as an alternative I am considering purchasing some minors hats.

We all waste electricity the facts are alarming within the US they estimate that 59% of electricity is wasted and this is a similar figure within Europe. Yet we now have more requirement for electricity, mobile phones, laptops, our broadband routers everything we use now requires an input of electricity and this has certainly increased the average household bill and a seen a reduction is disposable income for families.

Are we just lazy – how many of us have an use on a regular basis the tumble dryer, yet these items could be dried naturally outside or even inside the house, this is the same for the washing machine, how many of us actually fill the machine to its capacity or to be honest how many of us men actually know how to fill the washing machine up at all!