Life with Twins

Averaging just 2 to 3 hours sleep a day including an afternoon power nap our life’s have become turned upside down, earlier today I read an article on the BBC that having an afternoon nap can reduce your risk of heart disease by 10%, my only issue with that is what about the other 9 hours of sleep I am actively missing each day☺.

Being able to function at 4am trying to feed 2 babies who are just 6 days old and not having a cross word with your loved one is a skill, my bottom lip has been bitten and my tongue is swollen but we are still talking.

Girls are different to boys – and I had never expected to be covered in piss just 24 hours of the girl’s arriving home during a nappy change, normally I would have been able to handle this with calmness and control, yet at 2am and with just 30 mins sleep I would challenge anybody not to freak out – I was covered – it was like being hit with a high powered water pistol, given the time and my choice of clothing was simple – just a regular pair of boxer shorts so I was literally covered. Panic immediately sets in along with disgust – how, why me and then Really – was this really happening……..yes it was.

Both Flossy and Hetty have been home for just 4 and ½ days and the statistics are frightening,

  • 59 Bottles washed and sterilised
  • 64 Nappies changed
  • 1 Full tub of Baby Powder consumed

Both girls have been amazing but our son Teddy who has had his life turned upside down has been simply fantastic, not once have we seen any jealously in fact the opposite with bedtime kisses, gentle cuddles and even reading stories to both girls.

Tomorrow we are planning a trip out as a new family of 5, nothing too exciting but a visit to the local supermarket, my wife will relax with a Cappuccino and a cake in the cafe with the twins whilst Teddy and I will cause chaos with a shopping trolley. Given that our local Sainsbury’s is a 20 minute commute away I would expect the whole family expedition to take between 2 and 3 hours.

This brings me onto the pram, I still have no idea how it folds, I can imagine the look on fellow shoppers as we gently cruise into the parent and child spaces, flip the powered boot open and there in her full majestic state is a pram all ready for action – no folding required because we haven’t got a clue – PRICELESS.