The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

I feel drained, useless sat here waiting, gently skimming through the pages of magazines which I have purchased but nothing puts me at ease. I struggle with hospitals always have ever since my late gran passed away with cancer, it is funny how memories stick with you and for me hospitals have always been a place where bad things happen to good people.

We have been working towards today for several weeks, ever since we were given the confirmed date for our elected C Section, our lives will never be the same again a family of 3 soon to become a family of 5. It is anyone’s guess who will struggle with this concept the most, I a 37 year old successful company director who likes routine, control and the finer things in life or Teddy our 3 year son who loves football and fast cars. The arrival of twin girls is going to be a game changer.

We were told to arrive promptly at 8am, given we live 40 minutes away and neither of us achieved much sleep we were running on adrenaline and a nervous sense of excitement. Today there are two elective C Sections booked; with both families expecting twins the hospital was always going to have its hands full. I am not a royalist or a huge fan of all things British but quite frankly our National Health Service is one of our greatest stories, the story first began during 1948 or the 5th of July to be more precise, this is when the NHS was first established.

The central principles were clear, the health service will be available to all and financed entirely from taxation, which means that people pay into it according to their means.

We arrived with such enthusiasm, all 3 of us, this included my sister in law who would be the lucky doctor for a day and be with my wife during the Section as per my previous blog the reasons and justifications for me not entering surgery are clear and honest.

Due to several Emergency C Sections we experienced a delay, in fact a considerable delay however no one was going to complain or expect any special privileges after all – due to the unique way that the NHS is funded we are all so grateful.

However I could have read the situation better, after meeting my mum for some food and a drink then returning to tell my wife her reaction was understandably a little pissed, after all she hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything now for 12 hours and quite frankly didn’t give a toss how nice the toast was.

We have just been given the amber light, we are next – I say we my wife is next within an hour we will be presented with our twin daughters, the trauma of the next hour was unbearable, there are associated risks with any operation and given the previous birth I was as nervous as hell.

That gush – those faces, the noise – wow could they scream but welcome to the world Henrietta Rose weighing in at 6lb and 15oz and Florence Elizabeth weighing 6lb and 2oz or Hetty and Flossy for short….life as we know it will now become crazy!!