Size Matters…….

I’m no giant but measuring 5”10 when using a non-regulated tape measure which lets be honest could be out by a couple of inches EITHER WAY things appear to be getting smaller. I took great pleasure in having a Mars Bar today, something I haven’t eaten for years. It felt smaller, tasted the same but I felt like I was being short changed.

Here are the facts – in 2009 Mars reduced the size from 62.5g too 58g, things have got progressively worse, December 2013 and the size had reduced again and now weighs in at 51g, Sadly it doesn’t stop here and I can only imagine how Mr T must be feeling but a Snickers has lost 7g and now matches the Mars Bar for weight and size.  During these weight loss programmes the price of each product was never reduced, clever!

No one or no item is safe, Walkers Crisps are now weighing in at 25g if you purchase a multipack where as a single pack weighs 32.5g which is a weight loss of 2g over recent years but again no reduction in price. When a friend or colleague asks for a crisp I feel awful saying no, but this isn’t a sharing bag – it only bloody weighs 25g, normally before making my decision I will ask to see the size of their fingers and hands – the longer the fingers presents a greater risk of losing crisps, therefore guaranteed acceptance is normally only reserved for midgets or finger amputees.

However – not everything is getting smaller, lets look at cars, the Mark 1 VW golf measured 3810mm in length, the latest incarnation is 4255mm in length. It’s also increased in width growing from an original 1630mm too 2027mm, I can understand and appreciate the growth size for a vehicle. However, car parking spaces are not increasing in size. My wife drives a new VW Touareg which easily fills every car park space with just inches either side –trying to open a door and escape into the free world requires acrobatic ability and then pain enthusing head, neck and body movements. This is why we created parent and child spaces in shopping centres and supermarket car parks to allow for safe egress. My biggest pet hate is those that feel it free to park in such spaces when they clearly have no children or those that should really know better…….pensioners.

Does size really matter – it must in certain situations hence why my wife married me and why we are expecting twins (something’s are irresistible) but logic must be applied, mobile phones are increasing in size and if you have had the unfortunate pleasure in standing next to an idiot in a suit whilst he is talking on an IPhone 6+ one word TWAT – He may as well have an IPAD attached to his ear. . . . .