Technology and I

Are people born stupid or is this a talent, can you learn to be silly, one example would be the late great Charlie Chaplin – I say the great but actually I find the whole process boring and not funny at all. If I am honest there is only one Comedian that actually makes me LOL, this is Lee Evans.

Where does our sense of humour come from, something I find hilarious you will probably find outrageous and rude, yet this is life and we are all very different, imagine life with a replication of yourself, actually scrap that idea… wouldn’t work.

One thing I am realising at an alarming rate is how technology is now moving faster that I am able to understand, for example this week my personal mobile went into a reboot situation and I had to resort to google for assistance, turning it off and back on again had no impact so basically I was fucked. The feeling of not being able to access Twitter or Facebook or have the ability to receive emails to my phone it felt like my world had ended, this is a strange feeling as most Emails I receive are Spam or from a distant relation from Nigeria who needs me to help him smuggle $25 million out of the country yet all of this is legal, he just needs my bank details, address and mother’s maiden name – all seems very normal!!!

However where my work phone is concerned this was a complete school boy error – apart from the fingerprint recognition as an added security there was a 4 digit code, this is required if a) the fingerprint recognition isn’t working or b) the phone is switched off and therefore before the fingerprint, it requires the 4 digit password. Since the beginning of time I have never turned off my iPhone so when I turned it off last night, to preserve the battery as I had left my charger in work I had no concept of the requirement to remember the bastard code I chose 4 months previously.

The pressure was shocking like a scene from a movie is it the red or the blue wire, well either way I cut the wrong wire and my phone entered into safe mode, for those that are familiar with technology or simply under the age of 35 Apple very kindly presents you with options of a restore, but if your IPad and IPhone work off the same ITunes account then you have a problem even more so when your IPad is really your 3 year old sons and the difference between the apps and information stored on each one is like the difference between California and Carlisle, for my American readers trust me you wouldn’t want to spend any time in Carlisle.

Technology has helped develop the world and has changed how we each life today, but this has also created some real new world problems, social media is probably the most powerful tool of all, an event 2,000 miles can instantly be shared on either Facebook or twitter – quicker than any news reporter. I wonder what impact the next 10, 15 or 20 years will have on our society.