How prepared can you be for the birth of a child, fortunately my wife is the queen of lists but with the pregnancy complication that is baby brain often things are missed, none the less I am confident that we (ok my wife) has everything ticked off. Now imagine you are having twins – this list then quite literally just doubles in size and the associated pressures are huge. With just 13 days before the enforced eviction notice is served (C Section) we need to ensure that we have our game face on.

I am confident that we do, but I am a bloke and all responsibility naturally falls onto my wife as the mother – it is my wife who I will turn too in a unsure situation, it is my wife who I will ask and question with regards to am I doing everything right – why am I asking my wife, its simple she has raised a loving 3 year old who is polite, funny and even with an early morning child alarm call those eyes and the cuddles just remove any frustration or annoyance. This is why our wife’s/partners deserve a medal because it isn’t easy raising a child.

That said…………… babies are expected to sleep for up to 18 hours within the first two weeks of childbirth, our son should be in Nursery for 3 days a week, so I would expect things to quickly return to normality with the house being cleaned and my evening meals being cooked – well at least for 3 of those days, I say this with a smile because I am sure that my loving wife will make an extra effort of those 2 days to ensure that everything is as it should be, then we have the nanny to fill in any of the gaps that are missing – no excuses now!

With our first born just leaving the house was a military operation and often a Transit Van would have been ideal with the amount of paraphernalia you have to take with you. My god, with twins and a 3 year old this will be interesting, clear lines of responsibility will need to be agreed upon, decision made I will be in control of Teddy, that just leaves the twins with my wife – Boy’s v’s Girls – surely that’s fair, makes going to the toilet a lot easier. My wife has commented several times that we shouldn’t create lines or rules of demarcation based on sex but I think it’s going to happen, anything PINK should fall under my wife’s control and discretion where as anything loud, expensive and fast should fall under my area of control – this should be fun.

It will be like going back in time, familiarising ourselves with the steriliser, the warming of the bottles and then we have the nappies – the smell and the bloody cost. I think my biggest concern is telling the difference between the two of them – there is still a 33% chance that they could be identical but even if they are not babies all look the bloody same – I am convinced that during their first 6 months we or certainly I will be at a complete loss to who is who and to which one I have just changed or even worse fed!